Creativity is God’s gift to us.  Using our creativity is our gift back to God.

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About The Hermit Creative

Hi, my name is Kirsten and I am an introverted creative.   My friends would tell you that I am a wee bit of a hermit – hence the blog name.  Especially, when I get involved with a creative project.  I am happy as can be just sitting in my room creating on my iPad or painting with Watercolors.

I am an art class junkie who can’t get enough of SkillShare, Udemy, and Domestika. I am primarly a digital artist using Procreate, Photoshop, and my iPad. But I am currently venturing into traditional watercolors and acrylics.

I also love to write poetry (NaPoWriMo is just around the corner) flash fiction, and short stories.  My mind is a constant whirlwind of creative of energy.  I have decided to see that as a blessing.

I am also the Creative Director of Healing Thoughts Online.  An online blog that uses multimedia to show people Jesus’ healing power at work in our world today.  Visit Healing Thoughts

Welcome to my little corner of the web.  I hope you enjoy my collection of creative hodgepodge.  Read more

The creativity

The Creativity

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Anna Mason’s Green Pear Tutorial

Procreate Watercolor

Free pear tutorial from artist Anna Mason.
Click below to go to the tutorial. 

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Jay Lee Painting Tutorial

Procreate Oil

Whimisical painting of a girl and her cat.
Click below to visit Jay’s YouTube channel.

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Make sure to check back often to see my most recent hodgepodge of creativity. 
Look forward to seeing you soon.  Blessings and healing.



Turmoil surrounds, but Jesus transforms our storms. Beauty in chaos.© 2020 The Hermit Creative, all rights reserved.

Big Eyes

Big Eyes

I am finding my love for Art History again through my online art classes. One American artist who has always intrigued me is Margaret Keane. She is mostly known for her big eyed portraits of girls, women, and pets. The enlarged emotional eyes of her subjects were...

The Light Rages

The Light Rages

Let your light rage sharp. A sword slicing through the dark. Shining His hope, bright!© 2020 The Hermit Creative, all rights reserved.

Blue Forest

Blue Forest

Welcome to 2021.  I am excited to see all the new creations the Lord will have me create this year.

Watercolor Leaf

Watercolor Leaf

Here is a lovely autumn watercolor leaf for you!  I hope you enjoy this fall flavored painting. Have a blessed week, Kirsten

Morning Woods

Morning Woods

As some of you know, I spent my first 16 Summers up in the beautiful woods of Maine.  This is my memory of a morning in the woods.