Meow Are You?

May 11, 2021 | Blog, Doodles, Watercolor | 0 comments

One of my goals as a creative is to try to be creative every day.  Some days, I feel a lot less inspired than others.  But I’ve recently begun to doodle.  I never doodled before because I’m a bit of a perfectionist.  (That is putting it mildly)  To me doodling is the farthest thing from “perfect.”  The lines can be squiggly, the color can bleed outside of the lines, and so on.

However, I signed up for a workshop by Heartwork Journaling called “Doodle Your Emotions.”  In the Welcome video we get a sneak peek into what we will be doing in the workshop.  The doodles were so much fun…once I let go of them having to be perfect.  Some of mine look downright childish.  And I am totally ok with that.

So this morning, I wasn’t feeling all that creative.  I doodled these two cats and painted them with watercolor brushes on my iPad mini.  Such fun!!


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