The Kindness

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This week on my blog, I am highlighting some of the different types of blog posts I will be creating here on my blog.  Today on my blog, the blog type that I am highlighting is my “written process of creating one of my pieces of art.”  

My whole creative process starts as an image in my mind.  I will be reading something, watching something, or listening to something when an image will slowly begin to form in my mind.  I usually wait until I can imagine the full image before I physically begin to create it.

With this image, The Kindness, I was just thinking about children and their loving relationship with animals and people.  I am often pleasantly surprised at how unselfish children can be towards others.  When they love…the love with all their hearts – nothing held back.  I wanted to capture the joy and compassion of a child loving.

For this kind of art, my next step is to create the characters in a 3D modeling software called DazStudio.  Creating models is a lengthy process and I don’t think you want to read each and every step I took to create the young girl and the dog.  I will just give you a basic overview.

I first chose which generation of model that I wanted to use.  There are several of them with each one having improvements over the prior version.  I used the Genesis 8 model which is the newest generation.  The next step is to either choose to use the base model, create your own model by choosing morphs for all the features (body shape, eyes, nose, body height, jawline, etc.), or choose a character that already has some morphs applied.  I chose a character then added my own specific morphs to make the model into a child the age that I wanted and tweaked other morphs.

My next step was to pick the skin for my model.  If you choose a character they have a skin included.  Or you can choose skin from another character or create your own in Photoshop.  I have several skins that are my favorites that I use on most of models.  I prefer realistic skin with imperfections because I don’t want my models to look “plasticky.”  Then I picked the eye color, eyelash color and shape, and the hairstyle I wanted to use.  Hairstyles often have a variety of morphs that enable you to show movement, different lengths, and different variations of the hairstyle. (e.g. A bob with or without bangs.  Or one side of the hair tucked behind the ear.)

Then it was on to the clothes to choose colors and style morphs.  Next, I had to decide how I was going to pose my model.  In DazStudio you have the ability to move every single joint in a human body to pose your models.  I posed the young girl to be walking and holding the umbrella away from her and over the dog.

I followed the same process when creating the dog.  The final step was to create the lighting environment.  For me, this is the most difficult step of the process.  You have to chose whether you want use spot lights, point lights, distance lights, an HDRI lighting environment, or a combination of all of them.  The lighting takes time to plan out and light the subjects of the artwork properly.

Once I’ve rendered the final image in DazStudio, I then take it into Photoshop to add the more creative artistry dimension to my artwork.  The very first layer of this image (the foundational layer) has the Scripture Hebrews 13:16 written on it. Every layer after that one is built on top of the Word.

Just like with a photograph, I take with my DSLR camera, I can correct many aspects of the rendered image from DazStudio.  Once I’ve gotten the color, tone, depth, and other adjustments made I begin digitally painting the image.

I often put the image on an artistic background that has been traditionally painted and scanned into the computer.  If I am compositing an image, I add the other elements (like the rain puddles in this image).  I then begin to paint the main characters blending them into the background.  When I finish painting, I boost the saturation and clarity of the colors.

The final step for this image was to paint in the rain and add the rain drops to the young girl’s clothes.

This entire creative process can take me from a couple of hours to several days.  It depends on the intricacy of the details involved in the image.  This image was a joy to create.  My hope was that this artwork would be hung on the walls of a young child and that it would make them smile whenever they looked at it.

I was blessed to sell two of The Kindness paintings to a lovely Grandmother who is giving them to her two great-grandkids as presents.  If you would like to purchase one these paintings also please click here.  (Please note: you will be taken to my store to complete your purchase.)

I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into my inner creative process when creating this specific style of my artwork.



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