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I just finished watching the episode “Shabbat” from Season One of The Chosen.  It reminded me that God created the Sabbath day for us to rest.

Over the last year, I had begun to think of the Sabbath as kind of a reset button for the first day of my week. It was my weekly “do-over” to fix all the things I had done wrong during the week.  At first it seemed to work.  It helped me start off my week focused and determined to make God my priority.  Unfortunately, Monday with all it’s “stuff” always arrived after that day of rest.  My life would get busy.  And slowly, God got placed on the back burner.

Yes, I still did my due diligence by reading Scripture and doing my Bible Studies.  But was I taking time to just be still with Jesus?  Was I having multiple conversations with Him throughout our day?  Was Jesus the first person I turned to share my good news or my heart break?

To be honest, no He was not and no I was not.  Instead of Jesus being my priority, He had gotten relegated to the “if I can fit it in” category of my life.

For years, I had been really good about setting aside a Sabbath Day.  But then last year I lost my job.  You would think that since I had more free time that taking a Sabbath Day would be easy.  However, gradually, I began letting things interrupt my day of rest.  Laundry. Vacuuming.  Shopping.  Catching up on Social Media.  Watching YouTube.

As I did this, I found that my week seemed more disjointed and busy.  My conversations with Jesus became fewer each day and less often each week.  I gradually settled into a routine of mediocrity with my relationship with Him.

I did the bare minimum to stay in relationship with Jesus.

This pandemic has led me to reevaluate my priorities.  And after watching Shabbat today, I feel called to once again set aside a Sabbath Day.  I now view my day of rest as way to draw even closer to Jesus and keep Him as my priority the other six days of the week. It is no longer a reset day, but instead it’s a continuation of our close daily relationship.  It is a reminder of how blessed I am to be in a personal relationship with the Lord.

To use the vernacular of these times, “Let’s make Jesus our essential business!”  Because He is truly the most essential relationship we need during this pandemic!






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