Perfect Timing

Jul 20, 2020 | HT Blog | 0 comments

Recently, I sold a painting as a Wedding Anniversary gift.  I ordered the canvas and frame from a company that prints all my artwork.  Usually the shipping time is between 2-3 days from the time they receive your order.  We ordered it on the 10th of June and their Anniversary was on the 17th.  We knew that was cutting it a bit close, but the customer hadn’t even thought of the gift until then.

I placed the order.  The customer paid for it.  We were all set!  NOT!

June 17th came and went.  The shipping date had been pushed back to the 22nd.  I contacted the company.  They explained that while they were still open they couldn’t meet the 5 times normal demand that was happening.  Due to Covid, they were unable to staff their manufacturing facility fully.  They had to keep all the safety guidelines which meant less staff in the facility.  This of course meant that a lower volume of work was able to be completed daily.  I told them I understood.

By June 30th, I was starting to get frustrated.  My customer had been waiting since the 17th for their Anniversary gift.  In the meantime, my customer had been hospitalized with a blood infection.  I tried contacting the company again, but received no reply.  I was at my wit’s end.  I decided that I needed to refund the customer the cost of what I had charged for painting the artwork.  Which meant I was going to make nothing for creating the art.

Finally, on Monday July 6th I checked the status of the order.  Success!  It had been delivered on Friday, July 3rd.  I emailed the customer, who was finally home from the hospital, to confirm that they had received the artwork.  And to find out where to send their refund check.  This was the response I received:

The painting did arrive and the timing was perfect.  Had it arrived any earlier it would not have brought the joy it did to my husband.  He was not able to visit me in the hospital and it arrived the day I came home from the hospital. DO NOT return the check.  It was perfect timing and he was touched.  The framing was perfect.

Be Blessed and Thank You

 God’s timing is always perfect!  There I was frustrated and concerned.  Yet, God new exactly when the gift needed to arrive to bring my customer’s husband joy.  And He made sure that I got paid too!  We have an awesome God who pays attention to even the smallest details in our lives.  Doesn’t that put a smile on your face!?!



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