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Jun 20, 2020 | HT Blog | 0 comments

I know I shouldn’t be surprised when God provides for me, but I am always blessed by His provision. 

During this pandemic, things got hectic and many people panicked which led to shortages of several items.  All stores were out of everyday items like toilet paper, paper towels, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, and did I mention toilet paper?  I have to tell you that God has provided even these items for me throughout this time.  Sometimes friends have asked if I need something.  Other times God simply provides through someone.  Here are just a few examples:

I use rubbing alcohol daily for my ears.  I was running low.  No stores had it in stock.  In my mind, I simply said, “I am going to need rubbing alcohol soon.”  The next day, a friend of mine texted me to tell me that she had bought a bottle of rubbing alcohol for me and she would leave it at my door.

A friend of mine called me to ask if there were any food items that I needed.  I told him that I was having a hard time finding pork tenderloin.  The next day he calls me to say, “You are never going to guess what I have for you!”  Someone had brought cases of pork loin as donations to their ministry.  The guy donating asked if they needed any more and my friend told him about me.  The man donating the pork loin gave me two cases.

I go through paper towels like crazy.  I am not quite sure what all I use them for, but we always seem to be running.  I only had a couple of rolls left.  Once again, I thought to myself, “I will need to find some paper towels in the next day or so.”  The next day a friend was at Walmart when I called to see how he was doing.  He asked if I needed anything while he was there.  I said, “Do they have any paper towels?”  And guess what, they did.  He was able to get a large pack for me.

Last, but not least.  I had been trying to get some hand sanitizer and Clorox Cleaner or 409, basically any cleaner that kills 99.9% of the germs, but they were always out.  I had to go to the Dr. for allergy testing one Tuesday.  I decided to drop by the store to get a few items.  I was silently hoping/praying that I could find some hand sanitizer and cleaning products.  My friends all told me that all the stores were still out of everything.  I found hand sanitizer and it was one I could actually use because it only had, alcohol, glycerin, and water.  Go God!  Then I walked to the cleanser aisle.  And lo and behold, they had Clorox cleanser.

As I look back over this time, I am in awe of all the providing that God has done for me.  These are only the tip of the iceberg on how He has taken care of me during this pandemic.  While these are just mundane items, He still took the time to provide them for me.

Is our God AWESOME, or what?!?



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