No Evidence of Disease (NED)

May 20, 2020 | HT Blog | 0 comments

October 10, 2019 is the day it started.   

Complete happenstance, that night, caused me to realize something wasn’t right.  It felt like a problem.  I called the doctor the next morning and was seen that day. 

Fast forward through scheduling several tests, lots of waiting and nine biopsies… November 12, 2019 was told it’s breast cancer stage 2a, very treatable.  Tumors in the breast and seven lymph nodes. Relief.  More tests the next week.

November 21, 2019…that’s when it got really bad.  Now it was stage 4, metastatic breast cancer.   It had spread to my bones…ribs, sternum, spine and femur.  There is no medical cure, they treat to try to give you time or treat you pallatively. 

What??? I was 47 with a great husband and 14 year old son.  How can this be happening?  I have so much I want to be alive for.  The doctor said, I want to give you decades of life.  I said, I need at least 4 decades. 

Started treatment November 25, 2019.  Then I started researching.  Bad idea.  Most everything said, I had a year to live, maybe 3.  This is very bad for an OCD control freak like myself.  After a few days, I told myself I had to stop.  I decided that if there were ever a time to let go and give it to God, this was definitely it.  So, I did. 

Fast forward through radiation and six months of treatment.  May 18, 2020 My doctor called and said my PET scan was clear!  What?  She said all the cancer was dying!  She said it was all inactive and there was NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE!  I’m NED! 

To God be the glory!  My prayer warriors span many states.  Some know me very well while others don’t know me at all.  I cannot begin to express enough gratitude for all those who have prayed for me.  Being in someone’s prayers is my favorite place to be!  I’m continuing my treatments filled with optimism and peace.  HIS name is above cancer! Thank you God and thank you prayer warriors!

Love and blessings,




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